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Neesan pterodactyls

Neesan pterodactyls and their riders.

Pterodactylus, also known as pterodactyl, was a genus of pterosaur, an avian animal indigenous to planet Earth millions of years ago. They existed alongside the dinosaurs and evolved from common ancestors, the archosaurs. (TOS novel: First Frontier)

Similar creatures evolved on other planets, such as the Kyrian pterodactyl, the Neesan pterodactyl, and the Vorian pterodactyl. (VOY episode: "Living Witness"; TOS comic: "The Cosmic Cavemen"; DS9 episode: "The Ascent")



Earth dinosaurs and pterosaurs
Genus and species AlamosaurusAnatotitanAnkylosaurusApatosaurusBrontosaurusDeinonychusPachycephalosaurPentaceratopsPterodactylStegosaurusThescelosaurusTorosaurusTriceratopsTroodonTyrannosaurus rexUtahraptorVelociraptor
Order and family archosaurbrachiosaurceratopsiddromaeosaurhadrosaurornithischiapterosaursauropodtheropodtitanosaur

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