Pup was the name given to an alien computer program by the crew of Deep Space 9 in 2369. It came to the space station from the Gamma Quadrant in a probe.


After the crew scanned the probe, "Pup" was downloaded into the station's computer, causing widespread disruptions throughout DS9. Miles O'Brien compared it to a puppy that needed attention and created a "doghouse" for it in a file in the computer, which also included the station's backup files to keep Pup occupied. (DS9 episode: "The Forsaken")

Several months later, the crew brought Pup out of the "doghouse" to distract the Tschak entity Enak, which had taken control of the station. (DS9 novel: Valhalla)

A science log on "Pup" recorded by Jadzia Dax was transmitted to Starfleet Command on stardate 46934.8. (ST reference: Science Logs)

In 2375, Lewis Zimmerman discovered that Pup interfaced with Vic Fontaine's holographic matrix when Julian Bashir installed Vic's program the previous year. (DS9 short story: "So a Horse Walks into a Bar...")

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