Pyris is a star with an associated star system, located in or near Federation space in the Alpha or Beta Quadrant. Pyris is a blue star, specifically a blue dwarf, and has ten planets in orbit. Of the dwarf star's ten planets, only the seventh planet, Pyris VII, is particularly notable. At coordinates -1.6 -93.4 -2.6 in Subquadrant 3 South, the Pyris system is located in the general vicinity of Starbase 26 and a black hole. (ST reference: Star Trek Maps; TOS episode: "Catspaw")

Because the color code of Star Trek Maps only showed one type of blue star, it is not clear if Pyris was an O-type "dark blue star" or if it was a B-type "blue star", although the latter is more common and likely.


  • Pyris (primary)
    • Pyris I
    • Pyris II
    • Pyris III
    • Pyris IV
    • Pyris V
    • Pyris VI
    • Pyris VII
    • Pyris VIII
    • Pyris IX
    • Pyris X

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