Qat Zaldana was an alias used by an omnipotent being from an unknown species in which she posed as a scientist from Skagway and a member of the Order of the Faceless.

In 2270, Zaldana was sent to the USS Enterprise by Governor Skooka Dawson to help determine why Klondike VI's rings were destabilizing. Zaldana was present when the Enterprise beamed an alien probe aboard and Shaun Christopher's mind was transported into James Kirk's body, an event for which Zaldana was responsible. Zaldana later assured Dawson that the Enterprise was still doing it's best to solves the situation, despite Kirk's absence. Then, Zaldana suggested Christopher had the solution to the situation in his head, which he did. The crisis ended and the Enterprise left Zaldana on Skagway.

When the Enterprise travelled through time to recover Kirk's mind, Zaldana revealed that she was also Zoe Querez and was, in fact, an omnipotent being. (TOS novel: The Rings of Time)

Based on the way she changed form and left the Enterprise, it is likely that Querez/Zaldana was a member of the Q Continuum, though this is never confirmed.

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