Quasar M39 was a quasar-class star located in the rim of the Milky Way Galaxy. M39 was in a sector left unexplored by the Federation as of 2369. (ST reference: Star Charts)


Quasar M39 was located in the Gamma Quadrant, approximately 5,000 ly away from the Dominion, 30,000 ly from the galactic core, and 75,000 ly from Sol. M39 was situated in the rim of the galaxy, only a few thousand light-years from intergalactic space. (ST reference: Star Charts)


The Quadros-1 probe, launched by the Federation from the Alpha Quadrant in 2193, was on a route towards the edge of the galactic disk. By 2369, Quadros-1 was less than 5,000 ly away from M39. (ST reference: Star Charts)


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