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The Qulash-class was a type of frigate used by the Elachi in the early 25th century. (STO missions: "Devil's Choice", "Sphere of Influence", "Elachi Alert")


Dozens of Qulash-class vessels were based out of Station Alpha, an Elachi base in subspace destroyed by a Romulan Republican Force strike team in 2409 using a hijacked S'golth-class escort dubbed Target Alpha. These vessels then took part in the Elachi invasion attempt against New Romulus, but were repulsed. (STO mission: "Devil's Choice")

More Qulash-class frigates attacked through the Iconian gateway discovered in the Jouret system late that year, but were destroyed by Obelisk 1, USS Enterprise, IKS Bortasqu', and RRW Lleiset. (STO mission: "Sphere of Influence")

Others were part of several waves of Elachi ships that attacked a Beta Quadrant task force attempting to shut down another Iconian gateway. (STO mission: "Elachi Alert")

Technical dataEdit

The Qulash-class was fast and maneuverable and typically attacked in groups of three. It had two additional variants designated "Qulash entangler frigates" and "Qulash corrupter frigates". (STO missions: "Devil's Choice", "Sphere of Influence", "Elachi Alert")

An additional variant dubbed an "Elachi harvester" attacked the science teams attempting to shut down an Iconian gateway, attempting to abduct them. (STO mission: "Elachi Alert")

Qulash-class vessels were sometimes carried aboard Sheshar-class dreadnoughts as fighter craft. (STO website: Elachi Sheshar Dreadnought Cruiser)



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