"You pay Quocch what Quocch wants. Quocch gets you what you need."

Quocch was a male inmate in the Rura Penthe prison in the alternate reality created by Nero. His race was unknown but he appeared to be a three-faced, four-eyed humanoid who spoke English as well as another language.


Although he was in prison for unknown reasons, he had built himself a small empire as a man who knew how to smuggle items in. He was supplying Nero with a drug and told Nero that the drug was getting harder to smuggle in and thus, the price was going up.

Later, he was dealing with a Klingon officer near a secret shuttle. The officer demanded a new stash of Tri-ox or else Quocch would be thrown into solitary. Quocch was angry that the officer was being lax about bringing up contraband so openly and reprimanded him for being foolish. He then supplied Clavell with datapads. Quocch also kept Nero's drawings of Spock and calculations on the black hole's reemergence till the Klingons brutally interrogated him.

After Nero slaughtered many Klingon officers, Quocch assisted in his escape. He led Nero, Ayel, and Clavell to the shuttle which had a secret exit to the surface. (TOS comic: "Nero, Number Two"; Deleted Scene from Star Trek (2009))

Months later, a group looking to get the Narada's specifications and plans met Quocch in a Delta Quadrant tavern. He handed over the plans; his payment was 14 Romulan ales before. The tavern owner eventually kicked Quocch out. One of the Vulcans followed Quocch in order to make sure he did not reveal their meeting to anyone else. (TOS comic: "Vulcan's Vengeance, Part 1")

The comic does not make it clear whether Quocch was murdered or silenced by some other means.


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Quocch being interrogated.

Quocch was played in the 2009 Star Trek film by Tommy Germanovich Jr [1] in a deleted Rura Penthe prison scene. His alien make-up was created by Barney Burman and his company Proteus Make-up FX Team and was dubbed 4-Square because of his four eyes. The writers of "Nero, Number Two" based his character on the character from the film.

The scene was to take place after the destruction of the USS Kelvin and showed the prisoners on Rura Penthe. Quocch was thrown to the ground by two Klingon guards who showed him Federation maps that were found in his cell. Quocch claimed that the maps were not his and that he was holding them for someone. When the officers demanded to know who he was holding the maps for, Quocch refused to speak. He only revealed the maps to be Nero's after the guards threatened him with execution.

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