The RFV Rerik was a Reman Resistance T'varo-class light warbird/bird-of-prey in service in the early 25th century. The Rerik was under the command of Resistance leader Obisek. (STO mission: "Vault Shuttle Event")


In the year 2409, the Rerik led the Resistance's effort to retake the Vault, which the Tal Shiar attempted to seize. While the Rerik hacked the starbase's systems, a group of five allied shuttlecraft defended Obisek's ship. (STO mission: "Vault Shuttle Event")



T'varo-class starships
Romulan Republic, Romulan Republican Force IRW M'sarrunnamed Romulan Republic
Romulan Star Empire, Tal Shiar IRW EisnIRW Sharrdarunnamed RomulanEmblem Symbol of Tal Shiar
Reman Resistance RFV Rerikunnamed RemanEmblem
Romulan Star Empire (mirror universe) unnamed RomulanEmblem
Parenthesis indicates Human translation or non-Romulan language renaming.

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