The RaLk’jo bat’telh was a martial art that was practised by the Klingon race.

Noted as an ancient style of combat that was largely ceremonial in nature which required no warrior present a move that had not been perfected in combat. This meant that an opponent was capable of gauging their opponent's strengths. A stance presented by an opponent was rated by level with the fourth level being that used by most amateurs and juvenile positions.

There were several different moves in this disciple which included

  • Heaven’s Centered Balance, First Level
  • Dragon’s Passage from Thought to Action, Third Level: conservative open, shows respect
  • Position of Unwavering Determination, Third Level: will not give in to idle threats
  • Gentle Cut
  • Repose of the Dragon’s Teeth, First Level
  • Mountain’s Scorn, Fourth Level: point-forward pose, disbelief at other's level of proficiency
  • Whelpling’s Lunge, Tenth Level: First move taught to children.

(TOS novel: The Return)

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