Rakaar was a Starfleet veteran, originally from the planet Kazar. Purple-skinned Rakaar had previously served aboard a Constitution-class Federation starship.

In 2267, terminally ill, Rakaar helped hijack the USS Enterprise at the command of a fellow Starfleet Veterans' Hospital patient named En-Lai, but Kirk suspected that Rakaar would be granted clemency for the crime. When En-Lai diverted the Enterprise to Calydon, Rakaar's illness was completely healed by the lady of Calydon. (TOS comic: "A Small Matter of Faith")

Rakaar was shown to be some type of alien, but it was not established whether Kazar was home to his species, or if his species was simply one of the races that had settled there. Rakaar's appearance was dissimilar to the other Kazarites from that world.

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