Rakhat Blok was a Cardassian in the North Torr district of Cardassia City on Cardassia Prime in the summer of the year 2385.


Blok, an off-worlder, lived for some months in extreme poverty North Torr. He had a different accent and the muscle of a military background. Most notably, Blok had "the tired and bewildered look shared by many Cardassians of his generation that resulted from the early and savage extermination of a deeply inculcated romanticism about his culture". During the Dominion War, Blok had served happily until he was posted on the violent and extreme Romulan Front during the Dominion War. At the war's end, he was a prisoner-of-war of the Romulans. When he returned from captivity, he found that everyone he had ever known was dead, murdered by the Jem'Hadar at the end of the War.

Blok lived in extreme poverty in North Torr, with an old woman who muttered constantly under her breath and a male of indeterminate age who stank of kanar and didn't say a word, but could be heard most nights through the flimsy walls yelling in his sleep about "choking, choking, choking". He found it hard to integrate with the insular North Torr residents, silently and desolately drinking at a gelata bar popular with a number of angry, dispossed and nationalistic Torr men. However after complaining of Starfleet and the Federation's negative impact on Cardassia, he was recruited by the gang of Velok Dekreny, becoming an enforcer for Dekreny. This provided the impoverished Blok with money, food, drink and friends. In return, Blok guarded Dekreny at his gelata bar and beat up opponents of the gang in the area. One night he may have murdered a liberal North Torr protestor. Eventually, Blok was arrested at the Battle for the Heartland. Encountering Arati Mhevet, Blok revealed that he was actually Ravel Dygan, and used the opportunity to contact his patron, Ambassador Elim Garak. Thereafter, Blok was no more.

Dygan would be haunted by the guilt of the acts he committed as Blok, and would confide to Garak and Mhevet—though both resisted hearing what he had done—and later his Enterprise colleague, Aneta Šmrhová. (ST - The Fall novel: The Crimson Shadow)

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