Ramasanar ch'Nuillan was an Andorian chan who served as a diplomat for the Andorian Empire in the mid 2380s.

ch'Nuillan was part of a shelthreth with Savaaroa sh'Nuillan along with a thaan and a zhen - both of whom were considerably younger than ch'Nuillan or sh'Nuillan. As of 2385 their shelthreth group had been trying to conceive a child for some time, but so far had not been successful. ch'Nuillan hoped that with recent events the group would be able to return to Andoria and successfully conceive a child.

In September 2385 ch'Nuillan and his bodyguards attempted to attend a memorial service for President of the United Federation of Planets Nanietta Bacco on Luna, but were turned away from the services on the orders of Baras Rodirya. The insult almost caused a scuffle between ch'Nuillan's guards and Federation Security agents to break out but Deanna Troi was able to keep the situation from reaching that point.

Later in 2385 Troi enlisted ch'Nuillan's assistance in helping to free the imprisoned Doctor Julian Bashir from the clandestine asteroid prison where he was being held. ch'Nuillan adopted Bashir into his family. Escorted by the cruiser ADS Mat-Rus ch'Nuillan and Troi traveled to the clandestine prison on the diplomatic carrier Kree-thai. There ch'Nuillan forced installation commander Chessman and Chief of staff Galif jav Velk to release Julian Subatoi Bashir ke'Nuillan to his custody.

Bashir was allowed to travel back to Andoria on board the USS Lionheart. Upon arrival at Andoria Savaaroa sh'Nuillan escorted Bashir to the Parliament Andoria to introduce him to that body, while ch'Nuillan gave Commander Troi and Lionheart's temporary CO Christine Vale a ride back to Earth on the Kree-thai. (ST - The Fall novel: The Poisoned Chalice)