Rame Sagado was a female Trill who lived on the planet Trill in the 24th century. She was an officer in the Trill Police.

In early October 2376, Sagado was part of a police contingent attempting to control the rioting in the city of Leran Manev that was instigated by the neo-Purists. Despite her own injuries, she brought an unconscious young boy - the only survivor of a hovercar pile-up - to Manev Central Hospital. Sagado was quickly treated by Doctor Julian Bashir while medical technician Jenk readied a biobed for the boy. Although she wanted to resume her police duties, Bashir conscripted Sagado to assist him and Jenk in saving the boy's life. She held the boy's pouch open with retractors while Bashir performed surgery through it, and told him about the neurogenic radiation bombs that had detonated in Leran Manev as well as the cities of Gheryzan, New Scirapo and Bana. (DS9 - Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel: Trill: Unjoined)