Rana Trelar

Character image.

Rana Trelar was a female Cardassian who was the daughter of the infamous Gul Trelar and sister to Orm Trelar. Her mother at some point died and she gained a Bajoran step-mother who her father had married. During her youth, she became deeply involved into Cardassia's suppressed religion and joined a small order that sought to bring back Cardassian spirituality. This was difficult to the ruling warlords that aimed to remove any trace of the old religions.

Due to her attachment to the small spiritual order, Rana Trelar learned a number of meditative techniques to help calm her mind. Whilst she like the rest of her group fought for the return of the old ways, her father typically ignored her during such moments. In the mid-24th century, she accompanied her family to Bajor as Gul Trelar was approaching death and desired to see his homeworld before he died. When he was murdered, she was considered a suspect in the crime but it was later discovered that her brother Orm was responsible due to the fact that their father did not allow him to join the crew of another Cardassian Union ship in order for him to be their medical officer. (DS9 comic: "Old Wounds")

The religious order that Rana Trelar belonged to was not named in the comic issue though its possible that this was associated with the Oralian Way.

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