The Rangdron Medical Complex was a hospital and research facility operated by the Kornak Armed Forces. All personnel working at Rangdron were military officers, in addition to their medical roles.

In the mid 24th century, Colonel Idit Kahayn conducted medical experimentation with microelectromechanical machines, and using them to repair damaged neural cells. However, when tested on native primates, these MEMs started to replace healthy brain cells with artificial ones, enabling electronic information to be transferred between brains. The military, including Kornak Security Director Colonel Blate, viewed this as a promising technology, though Kahayn had moral reservations.

In 2376, after Doctor Julian Bashir was stranded on his world, he was captured and brought to Rangdron, where he was treated by Kahayn and Major Arin. Quickly determining he was not of their world, he was interrogated, and when he refused to answer key questions, Blate ordered Kahayn to use a functional magnetic resonance imaging machine on him.

As Bashir was about to undergo the procedure, the Complex was raided by rebel Jabari forces, including Elizabeth Lense, who had been traveling with Bashir when their runabout crashed. Though Bashir was saved, the surviving Jabari and their sympathizers were arrested and subjected to Kahayn's experimentation. (SCE eBooks: Wounds, Book 1, Wounds, Book 2)

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