A page dedicated to (a) Those minor and throwaway relatives we never, or rarely, hear from ever again and (b) relatives who are semi-well known by the average non-canon-preferring Trekker, but not by the average canon-only preferring Trekker.

Star Trek: EnterpriseEdit

Jonathan ArcherEdit

NOTE(1) that Jack Archer being Jonathan's relative is more suggestion than fact.


Robert April's crewEdit

Bernice HartEdit

Star Trek: Early VoyagesEdit

Christopher PikeEdit

Phillip BoyceEdit

José TylerEdit

Gabrielle CarlottiEdit

Sita MohindasEdit

Star Trek: The Original SeriesEdit

James T. KirkEdit

NOTE(1) that Kirk's sister only exists in the sources above, and is absent from every reference to Kirk's family published before or after.

NOTE(2) Provenance of Shadows reverses the age order of Kirk's nephews previously established in The Last Roundup.

NOTE(3) that Enterprise: The First Adventure establishes both Kirk and Spock as having great-aunts called Matilda.


NOTE(1) that Killing Time later reverts to calling Spock's father by the name Sarek, contradicting earlier portions of that novel.

NOTE(2) that Sarek calls Matilda Spock's aunt, and not great-aunt.

Leonard McCoyEdit

Montgomery ScottEdit

Pavel ChekovEdit

Hikaru SuluEdit

Nyota UhuraEdit

Janice RandEdit

Gary MitchellEdit

Mark PiperEdit

Shiboline M'RessEdit

John HarrimanEdit

Star Trek: The Next GenerationEdit

Jean-Luc PicardEdit

Edward JellicoEdit

Morgan BatesonEdit

William T. RikerEdit


Geordi La ForgeEdit


Beverly CrusherEdit

Katherine PulaskiEdit

Ro LarenEdit

Sean HawkEdit

Reginald Barclay IIIEdit




NOTE(1) that the end of the novel implies, but does not confirm, that Trelane is Q's son. Q himself openly states he's Trelane godfather, though.

Star Trek: Deep Space NineEdit

Julian BashirEdit

Dax and its hostsEdit

Miles O'BrienEdit


Benjamin SiskoEdit

Star Trek: VoyagerEdit

Kathryn JanewayEdit



Tom ParisEdit

Janeway and ParisEdit

B'Elanna TorresEdit

Harry KimEdit


Veronica StadiEdit

Star Trek: New FrontierEdit

Mackenzie CalhounEdit



Robin LeflerEdit

Mark McHenryEdit

Si CwanEdit



More forthcoming

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