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The Reckoning Tablet was an ancient Bajoran artifact. It was discovered under the ruins of B'hala by a team of Bajoran archaeologists in 2374. (DS9 episode: "The Reckoning")


The tablet was over 30,000 years old before it was discovered. The writing on it was written in Bajoran ideograms. The first part of the tablet that was easily decipherable were two symbols that said: "Welcome, Emmisary".

Seeing this message, Starfleet Captain and Emissary Benjamin Sisko took the tablet to Deep Space 9 to ascertain its meaning. During this time, Sisko then had an urge to break it, unleashing a Prophet and a Pah-wraith. The two beings then fought each other until Kai Winn ended it. (DS9 episode: "The Reckoning")

The Ohalu Prophecies that Istani Reyla gave to Jake Sisko in 2376 were dated by Jake to the same era as the Reckoning tablet. (DS9 novel: Avatar, Book One)

Alternate realityEdit

Reckoning tablet

The Tablet as it appeared in the alternate reality

In a future of the alternate reality created by Q, the tablet had been discovered by Quark and the Bajoran Resistance. (TOS - The Q Gambit comic: "Part 4")

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