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Redeemer virus Wildstorm

Calhoun stands among victims of the virus

The Redeemer virus, was a type of virus used by the Redeemers in the 24th century.

The virus would usually be used as a last resort means to purge a disobedient population. It would be injected and lay dormant within the High Priest's blood. Upon the death of the priest it would "awaken" and act as a viral agent that would infected breathable air and water supplies. This fate was experienced by the Alphans in 2374. (NF novel: Martyr)

The people of the planet Haresh also fell prey to this virus after the murder of a Redeemer High Priest. This pushed Captain Mackenzie Calhoun to use the slingshot effect to try and change history. (NF comic: "Double Time")

No know cure existed for this ferocious disease. The Redeemers work extensively on perfecting that fact. The air-born virus made 20th century Earth plagues like Ebola, look like chicken pox. (NF novel: Martyr)

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