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Reman warbirds

A trio of Reman warbirds.

A Reman warbird was a type of starship, a warbird craft that was used by the Reman civilization in the 2380s. They were similar in design to the Scimitar-class, albeit much smaller and far less powerful.

In the year 2387, three of these vessels assaulted the Narada, a mining freighter commanded by Captain Nero, under orders from Commander Arranhu (who was himself working for Taris and the Iconians). Fortunately, the USS Enterprise-E arrived and intervened, disabling the Reman ships. (ST - Countdown comics: "Number One", "Number Two")

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Starship classes of the Remans
By name D'deridexDhaelDhelanHaakonaMogaiScimitarScorpionT'varoValdore RemanEmblem
By type Reman bird-of-preyReman warbird

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