Renka Linavil was a female Romulan serving the empire in the early 24th century. She had an uncle in the Romulan Senate, Linavil, who assisted in the annexation of Koltaari.

Linavil graduated from the top of her class at the R'Mala Military Academy on Romulus. She had a sister and niece on Terix II.

In 2311, Linavil held the rank of subcommander and was serving as executive officer on the flagship Tomed under Aventeer Vokar. Like Vokar, she favored war with the Federation. During the Starfleet Special Operations attack on the Tomed, Linavil attempted to prevent Lieutenant Elias Vaughn from gaining access to a shuttle. Though she was a formidable fighter, she was eventually stabbed and killed by Vaughn. (ST - The Lost Era novel: Serpents Among the Ruins)

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