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Repair wagon

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Repair wagon

One of the Enterprise's repair wagons

A repair wagon was a type of maintenance craft utilised by Federation Starfleet starships in the 2260s. The craft was similar in size to a shuttlecraft, featuring nacelles built into its sides, a small deflector dish at the fore of the vehicle, and several mechanical manipulator arms for interaction with objects outside the craft. Crewpersons assigned the wagons wore EV suits while operating the vehicle.

In 2266 Mr. Spock ordered the USS Enterprise's contingent of repair wagons launch to conduct repairs on the Enterprise's star camera. Once the wagons were launched Jackson aboard one of the vehicles noted that the Enterprise had entered orbit of a planet, much to the surprise of the ship's crew. Captain Kirk then ordered the repair wagons return to the ship until they ascertained how they had ended up at the planet. (TOS comic: "UK comic strips, first story arc")

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