Republic Intelligence was an intelligence agency serving the Romulan Republic in the early 25th century. (STO video games: Legacy of Romulus, Delta Rising)

History Edit

In 2409 Republic Intelligence operative Tal'Mera acted as a handler to a Romulan Republican Force officer who infiltrated the Tal Shiar. (STO episode: "In Shadows")

In 2410 RI operatives were active in the Delta Quadrant under the auspices of Delta Quadrant Command. Commander Mena took a planning role alongside Ethan Burgess of Starfleet Intelligence and Galera of Klingon Intelligence, while her underling Subcommander Rai Sahen conducted a number of covert operations in tandem with the Alpha Quadrant Alliance's regular military forces. (STO episode: "The Delta Quadrant")

Republic Intelligence personnel Edit

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