Garak begins to see a woman around the station that he killed eight years previously, during his time in the Obsidian Order.


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Julian BashirEtana KolElim GarakMornOdoPhillipsQuarkKrissten RichterTora ZiyalKeytra ToshYenla Tosh
Referenced only 
Benjamin Sisko


Deep Space 9PromenadeQuark's
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Empok Nor

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Obsidian OrderStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

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cordrazinepsychoactive drugtelepathy


Background informationEdit

  • "Requiem in Obsidian" was the final Deep Space Nine comic published by Marvel Comics. An limited run of issues (similar to VOY: Splashdown) set during the Occupation were planned for May 1998 but the project did not proceed.

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