Emblem of Cardassia.

The Reunion Project was a political movement that rose from the ashes of post-Dominion Cardassia.

The group practices and promotes the ideas of democracy, free speech and beliefs and peace. The Project was founded and led by Alon Ghemor and quickly gained popularity amongst the people of Cardassia who had become disenfranchised with the old systems of politics which had led Cardassia to its current state. The movement did not go unopposed; a group composed of mostly upper-class, powerful families in the old union founded the Directorate with the aim of restoring Cardassia to its former self. The two groups finally agreed to a voting competition in which the Reunion Project won four out of the six sectors of Cardassia City and formed a democratic government with Directorate as opposition. (DS9 novel: A Stitch in Time; DS9 short story: "The Calling")

Known members and supportersEdit

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