Reykeyser Industrial Metals (RIMs) was a company that operated on the Jovian moon of Ganymede where it owned a large ore processing plant. The business had been Earth's leading producers of steel as well as other metals of an industrial nature which dates back to the 22nd century. Initial plans for the facility were drafted as far back as 2140 but were delayed due to the Earth-Romulan War when fears came of the Romulan Star Empire's treatment of civilians in the conflict. Following the war, construction efforts began in 2161 with the first mining complex being completed the following year.

In later years, the mine pits that were used by the plant were owned partly or completely by RIM though it had gained new partners including Andorian keth Vetra and the Klingon Katath family. (Decipher RPG module: Worlds)

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