The Rezreth-class was a type of dreadnought destroyer used by the Breen Confederacy in the 2400s. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)


Rezreth-class vessels were sighted during a wave of Breen attacks on Deferi forces in the Orellius sector block in 2409. (STO mission: "Aiding the Deferi")

A variant of this vessel was holographically duplicated in one version of Combat Simulation 347 as one of the classes of Breen starships attacking a civilian transport. A more heavily shielded variant dubbed the Rezreth-class siege destroyer also appeared in the scenario. These variants appeared to lack fighters. (STO mission: "No Win Scenario")

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Starship classes of the Breen Confederacy
By name Bleth ChoasChel BoalgChel Grett ~ Gor TaanPlesh BrekSarr ThelnReikinRezreth BreenConfederacy
By type Breen battlecruiserBreen destroyerBreen fighterrecon ship

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