In the mirror universe, Rigel III was a heavily populated planet under the control of the Terran Empire. It served as a large manufacturing center and trans-shipment point.

Being a world of some significance, most of the empire's largest corporations maintained branch offices on the planet. Moreover, due to the intense level of industrial activity, Rigel III required vast numbers of imported slave labor to maintain the worker population who tended to have short lifespans as a result of industrial accidents.

During the 2260s, the complex economy of Rigel III was managed by John Hengist from the empire's Bureau of Interstellar Hegemony. Mr. Hengist was eventually connected to a series of shallow graves located in a national park just outside of Rigel III's capital. Confronted, Mr. Hengist confessed to being inhabited by an immortal entity that went by the names Redjac, Beratis, Kesla and Jack the Ripper.

Due to the public's fascination with Mr. Hengist, the Emperor granted him a special license to kill. His memoirs met with high praise from reviewers, and he was given tight security to protect him from his many fans. (Decipher RPG module: Through a Glass, Darkly)

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