In the mirror universe, Rigel VII was home to a race of beings known as the Kaylar.

For the most part, the Terran Empire left the Kaylar alone until 2254 when a fight broke with crew members from the ISS Enterprise (NCC-1701) under the command of Captain Christopher Pike. In retaliation, Pike bombarded the surface of Rigel VII and destroyed many of the Kaylar camps and religious sites. In the subsequent years, the empire's slave traders arrived and exported about 90% of the Kaylar population.

With such a verdant, empty planet at the empire's disposal, Terran colonists began to arrive and established industries which rivaled those on Rigel III. In addition, evacuees from Rigel V were relocated to Rigel VII.

Unfortunately, the empire was unable to build and maintain the planet's infrastructure so as to accommodate the influx of over two billion people. As a result, most colonists had to resort to bribery or theft in order to secure the resources they need. The less than perfect living conditions on the planet also prompted many colonists to speak out against the empire. In response, the empire dispatched security teams to quiet Rigel VII's inhabitants. Imperial officials often made a half-hearted attempts to quell the unrest fearing a full-scale revolt should they be too harsh.

Fugitives and illegal traders found Rigel VII to be a paradise of freedom, including the Orion Cabal, a criminal cult. (Decipher RPG module: Through a Glass, Darkly)

Unlike the Federation universe's Rigel VII which had both Rigelians and the Kaylar, Mirror Rigel VII had no other native population than the Kaylar.

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