The Rigellian Confederation was a state that existed thousands of years ago, based around the Rigel system.

They were a signatory to the Treaty of Kammzdast, which governed the use and ownership of Orion slaves by many alien races. When the 21st Rigel Conference was held in 12,327 BCE (reference stardate −143/27) to discuss modifications to the treaty, its members vetoed an action by the Rigellian Confederation. The Conference went on to reinforce a prohibition on combat within the Rigel system (except for proxy warfare on the Orion homeworld of Rigel VIII), placed restrictions on secret transportation of Orion slaves, and granted nuclear technology to the subject Orion nations (FASA RPG module: The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge).

Nothing is stated about the Rigellian Confederation bar a brief line stating that the 21st Rigel Conference "vetoes Rigellian Confederation", and it is not clear why. By context, this may be the political entity of the furred Rigellians.

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