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Rigellian Festival of Light

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Rigellian Festival of Light

The 'Rigellian Festival of Light

The Rigellian Festival of Light is an event celebrated on Rigel VII which traditionally includes a parade of Kaylar warriors.

The Rigellians, typically being a highly xenophobic species, did not often allow offworlders to witness the festival, so in 2254 members of the USS Enterprise crew became the first aliens to witness the event in a thousand years when the festival took place the day before Rigel VII was due to join the United Federation of Planets. The year was also the last festival to feature a parade of Kaylar who were to be disbanded upon Rigel's entry into to the Federation. However an uprising of the Kaylar lead to the planet not becoming a member so whether or not they continued to play a part in the celebration is unknown.

Other features of the festival include the parading of large Rigellian animals and the use of small handheld devices which give of a burst of light somewhat like a small firework. (EV comic: "Our Dearest Blood")

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