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The Rimula-Bero was an Orion transport in operation in the 22nd century.


In May, 2165, The Rimula-Bero was commanded by Parrec-Sut, who was dispatched to a mission to uncover the secrets of the Deltans, whose powerful pheromonal potential recently became common knowledge.

After arriving into the system, sut pretended to be a simple explorer and dipaced his best sent, Devna, to gather intelligence. After they learned all they could, they kidnap several Deltan citizens and the Rimula-Bero escaped the star system.

Following a call for help by the Deltan government, the USS Essex intercepted the Rimula-Bero, and after a short firefight Sut surrendered. The Starfleet crew retrieved the Deltans and left the Rimula-Bero behind as the Deltans decided not to press charges. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Uncertain Logic)

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