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Rinax was a moon body in orbit of planet Talax, in the Talax star system in the space of the galaxy's Delta Quadrant. The moon was class M, a colony world of Talax, at least until 2355 when an attack by metreon cascade devastated Rinax. (VOY episodes: "Jetrel", "Friendship One")


Originally considered to have had one of the most pleasant climates in the entire star system, the moon's surface was turned to cinders as a result of the metreon cascade in 2355. The metreon cascade was a weapon of mass destruction and was used by the Haakonian Order in their attempt to end the Talaxian-Haakonian War.

Use of the weapon on Rinax resulted in the deaths of about 300,000 Talaxian colonists. Neelix, whose home was on Rinax, escaped death as he was on Talax at the time of the weapon's deployment. He would later remark how on the night of the attack, there was a bright flash in the sky and when everyone looked up, the moon appeared to have disappeared. What those on the surface of Talax did not know at the time was that the moon had been obscured by a Metreon cloud. (VOY episodes: "Jetrel", "Friendship One"; ST reference: Star Trek Cookbook)

Rinax was the origin of a dish known as prishic. (ST reference: Star Trek Cookbook)


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