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The Risa Express (LS-7215) was a starship that transported people to Risa. The ship had a lounge with a bar run by Theleb, a dabo table and allowed its passengers to display horga'hns and engage in jamaharon. The vessel was similar in design to the star drive of Starfleet Galaxy-class starships.


In 2371, Julian Bashir boarded the Risa Express at Deep Space 9, but was later captured by the Maquis and taken aboard a Tattella freighter. The Risa Express was due to travel to Deep Space 7 before reaching Risa. (DS9 - The Maquis: Soldier of Peace comic: "Vacation's Over")



Starship classes of the Risian Hedony
By name Risa Express RisianEmblem
By type Risian corvetteRisian luxury cruiser

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