The Risian Lunarian caracal was a felinoid species native to Risa. The Lunarian caracal was notable for its pair of large eyes, the ears attached close behind, and the pair of small horns protruding from the brow. There were four different races. (STO mission: "Horga'hn Hunt")[1]


Lunarian caracals were native to the planet Risa and could tolerate a number of environments. The Risian hospitality association operating the tropical Summer Resort island worked in conjunction with the off-world Lobi Crystal Consortium to offer Lunarian caracals as pets to Alpha Quadrant Alliance officers. Due to their even temperament and their low maintenance, caracals were suited for starship life. (STO mission: "Horga'hn Hunt")


Four races of Lunarian caracals were up for sale. Only the color of the fur differentiated the four races. The subspecies were known as dusk, midnight, moonlight and pitch. In the same order, their fur was white, purple, cyan and black.[2]


In 2410, the Summer Resort association and the Lobi Crystal Consortium teamed up to offer Lunarian caracals to Alliance officers. The dusk and midnight caracals were available from the Summer Event Store for a cost of 100 Lohlunat favors. (STO mission: "Horga'hn Hunt") The Lobi Crystal Consortium sold moonlight and pitch caracals for 30 Lobi crystals each on Drozana Station. (STO video game: The Iconian War)

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