The Risian feather monkey was a mammalian primate species native to Risa. This primate possessed a high degree of cleverness and agility. As pets, feather monkeys were easily domesticated and made excellent but mischievous companions. As the feather monkey grew older, its plumage became more pronounced. (STO missions: "Making Waves", "Research Tagged Feather Monkeys")


Feather monkeys were native to the planet Risa and could tolerate a number of environments. The Risian hospitality association operating the tropical Summer Resort island offered feather monkeys as pets to Alpha Quadrant Alliance officers. Tags to aid in the research of feather monkeys were gained by scoring high in a powerboard race. Some feather monkeys would wear Tiki masks. (STO missions: "Making Waves", "Research Tagged Feather Monkeys") Feather monkeys were a danger to sand castles, requiring arenologists to shoo them away. (STO mission: "Castles in the Sand")


There were three breeds of feather monkeys, identifiable by the color of their plumage, which was either blue, green or red. All breeds were otherwise physiologically indistinguishable, featuring a bare black chest and comparatively large forelimbs. (STO missions: "Making Waves", "Research Tagged Feather Monkeys")

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