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Months ago, young Jake Sisko came upon a mysterious prophecy in the ruins of B'hala, one that told of a Son destined to enter the Celestial Temple of the Prophets and return home with a lost Herald. Certain that the ancient text was intended for him, Jake entered the wormhole to bring back his father, Captain Benjamin Sisko -- missing since his final, fateful confrontation with Gul Dukat in the Fire Caves of Bajor. But Jake's quest has failed. Or so he believes.

Flung across the galaxy by a power beyond his understanding, Jake is rescued by a strange ship with an even stranger alien crew. Joining them on a voyage unlike any he has ever experienced, Jake learns that his search for the truth will lead him to find the last thing he ever expected, and to discoveries far beyond his wildest imaginings.

Part of the tenth anniversary celebration of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.




Arislelemakinstess (Aris, Le, Lema, Kin & Stess) • AslylgofBrad-ahk'laBrynCoamisZin DezavrimElshadaFajginFegPifko GaberAllo GlessinHaladaItriumaItuKorinMisjaOpaka SulanAtterace PreesPri'akRaiqGolin Shel-laJake SiskoFacity SleedowSrralTadiaNeane TeeTrivToskUmiWexWeyounYimisZlangco
Referenced only 
Akorem LaanBareil AntosJulian BashirFrank ChalmersEzri DaxJadzia DaxVic FontaineGabaGabekGabeleGiani'agaHyrcham the SwibIstani ReylaJaro EssaJirroKeshaLi NalasMardahMornNogKeiko O'BrienMiles O'BrienOdoOff-ZelPtasmeQuarkRomSfeilaShakaar EdonBenjamin SiskoJoseph SiskoRym ThijmenPalor ToffVashVilix'pranWinn AdamiKasidy YatesYimMaZek


DrangEeGamma QuadrantHw17Idran systemNew Bajor
Referenced only 
AarruAjilon PrimeAlpha QuadrantArshivArshiv PrimeBajorBajoran wormholeBerasB'halaBuofCelestial TempleDeep Space 9EarthFerenginarGaMerdosaOmarion NebulaOrias systemPrethRiRomulusSyll VIIITerok NorTevlin-DeVic's loungeXlidu Expanse

Starships and vehiclesEdit

Even OddsEven Odds dropshipJem'Hadar fighterTosk starshipVenture
Referenced only 
DanasketD'deridex-classUSS DefiantGlimnisKeldon-classMy'ltarunaboutUSS SaratogaUSS Yangtzee Kiang

Races and culturesEdit

Referenced only 

States and organizationsEdit

DominionHunterSen Ennis
Referenced only 
EnnisFederation News ServiceGroup 67Nol-EnnisObsidian OrderStarfleetTal ShiarUnited Federation of PlanetsVedek Assembly

Other referencesEdit

Aclim Ageactuality-web roomAhswidus cupAkada chairalpha-currant nectararva nodeashflakeAvatar of PeaceAxwismBajoran prophecyBajoran religionbaseballbasotileBattle of the Omarion NebulaBienwon'ata lampbirth-rite maskbloodwinechulachula hallcloaking devicecuris ribdabodezomindirakdisruptorDominion WarDominion War Accordsdom-jotEmissary of the ProphetsempathespodexoskeletonEyisla AgeFerengi Rules of Acquisitionfolded spaceGiani'aga boxGrand NagusgremhevginholosuiteHuntHuntedhypothermiakaikatterpodkavakejeliousklon peagland hopperlatinumMardi GrasOchsheaOchshea-hosOff-Zel vaseorb shadowpaghPrime Directiveprospect propensity testpsionicsraktajinoReckoningresSaurian brandyscissor pearlSeerwagah clay furnitureserkSh'dama AgeshifterSiblingssnail juicespinewaterStarfleet bratstosubspace variancetemonisTeplan blightthasTirges daggertransponder beacontransportertransporter scramblertransporter tagT'p urnTrueTumika AgeVeltan sex idolWaWa festivalwarp drivewintYaron Oracle


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