Rivals is a cellular/mobile game. Initially, it focused on elements of the alternate reality created by Nero's incursion.


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A. K'BentayrA. MarcusAyelBoknarBrianCaskChristopher PikeCh'takC. MarcusDarwinCupcakeDexterDurrahEgapG. KirkCupcakeGrasiaH. SuluJames T. KirkJavaidJ. HarrisonKar'dlaK'dohrKeenserKim'talKoridKumakKuronL. McCoyLivisLorisMadelineMargMotoM. ScottNeroNibiru child • Nibiru warrior • N. UhuraOrisesOrsakP. ChekovRazRilaSa'etSarekSolas • Ambassador SpockSpockStovekT. HarewoodV'lesViloxVirta0718

Starships and vehiclesEdit

GilliamIowa police hoverbikeJellyfishKlingon WarbirdNaradaUSS AeolusUSS AntaresUSS ArmstrongUSS DefiantUSS EnterpriseUSS Kelvin shuttlecraft 37 • USS Kobayashi MaruUSS MayflowerUSS Newton313-C Escape PodUSS Vengeance
Referenced only 
shuttlecraft • mining vessel


Referenced only 
Delta VegaIota Geminorum IVStarbase 1

Races and culturesEdit

Centaurian slug • DrakouliasHengrauggiHumanIota Geminorum IV tribbleKlingonNibiruOrionRomulanVulcan

States and organizationsEdit


Ranks and titlesEdit

acting captainacting engineeracting first officeradmiralambassadorcadetcaptainchief engineerchief medical officercommandercombat specialistcomm. officercouncilorcrewmandoctorengineerensignfirst officerguardlieutenantlieutenant commandermedical officerministernavigation officerofficerrecruitscience officersecurity officerwarrior

Other referencesEdit

alienbarflychildDecalithium red matterexo suitNarada drill platform • prototype



Related storiesEdit

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