The Roantha was a Son'a Solidarity starship, a battleship vessel in service to the Son'a Command in the 24th century. This Son'a battleship was active in the 2370s decade. In the year 2376, Roantha was one of a number of the Son'a civilization's vessels active throughout the galaxy's Alpha and Beta Quadrants. (ST video game: Armada)


In 2376, renegade Son'a attempted to retake the planet Ba'ku from their Ba'ku "parents". The Son'a dispatched a dozen destroyers and eight battleships, including the Roantha, to attack Starfleet Outpost 40. The fleet was defeated by the Starfleet force. (ST video game: Armada mission Paradise Revisited)

No definitive history or fate is established for this vessel as its name was randomly placed for a battleship vessel by the game software.


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