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Two Robots
Two of the Robots encountered by the crew of the USS Enterprise in 2266
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The term robot refers to a variety of artificial, often mechanical, technologies which act with a purpose. Robots range from simple programmable artificial devices to complex self-aware artificial intelligences.

Albert Macklin, a science fiction writer, was fond of robots and often wrote stories featuring them in Incredible Tales of Scientific Wonder. (DS9 episode: "Far Beyond the Stars")

In 2266 the crew of the USS Enterprise encountered a race of Robots which had been created by a humanoid species a million years earlier. (TOS comic: "UK comic strips, first story arc")

In 2294, Beta Promethean pirates cheated James T. Kirk using robots. Kirk used those same robots later to misdirect Klingons. (TOS novel: The Fearful Summons)

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