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For other uses, see Chaffee.

Roger Bruce Chaffee (15 February 1935 - 27 January 1967) was a Human astronaut from the United States of America, who lived during the 20th century on Earth.

In the 1960s, Chaffee was assigned to NASA's Apollo 1 mission. Tragically, he died in an accidental fire on board the mission spacecraft during testing at Cape Kennedy, Florida on 27 January 1967. (ST references: Encyclopedia, Ships of the Line)


By the mid 22nd century an Apollo 1 assignment patch including the names Chaffee, Grissom, and White, was displayed in the 602 Club. (ENT episode: "First Flight")

In the 23rd century, the Federation starfleet commissioned an Oberth-class starship named Chaffee. (FASA RPG module: Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update; TOS novel: Unspoken Truth)

Chaffee was regarded as a father figure by the crew of the USS Defiant in the 2370s. They named one of Defiant's type-10 shuttlecraft after him as a reminder of the hazardous nature of space travel. (ST reference: Ships of the Line)

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