For other uses, see Rokan.

Rokan (aka Rokan the Relentless) was a male Romulan in the 23rd century, a High Examiner in the Tal Shiar, and one of the most notorious interrogators in the Romulan Star Empire. During his notably long career, Rokan had broken the will of Zeblon the Formidable of Tellar and Gul Shenob of Cardassia.

In the 2290s, en route to the Federation border, Rokan found himself given the opportunity to question Starfleet Captain John Harriman about Starfleet activities near the rim worlds. In actuality, however, Rokan had been abducted from his ship in his sleep, and his interrogation of Harriman was a ploy to get him to reveal the names of Romulan sleeper agents within the Federation. (ST short story: "Shakedown")

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