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The Romulan Guard, commonly referred to as the Romulan military, was the military force of the Romulan Star Empire. The Guard's space forces comprised the Romulan Star Navy, and ground forces within the Empire were the Colonial Battalions.

The Guard has only been referred to by name once, in the TNG episode: "Unification", which did not detail the precise nature of the organisation. As there have been numerous references to the Romulan's Star Navy or Imperial Fleet in other works it would seem that the fleet exists as an element of the Romulan military, possibly as a branch of the Guard.


Members of the Guard train at the Imperial War College alongside members of the Tal Shiar, the separate intelligence agency of the Romulan government.

Commander Konsab, a military history instructor at the Romulan Intelligence Academy, held as his main theme the difference between the Romulan military and the Tal Shiar. He believed the necessity of military personnel to trust one another contrasted with the Tal Shiar's tendency to distrust their associates. (TNG episode: "Face of the Enemy")

Within the Romulan Guard, there was also the feared security forces which belonged to Proconsul Neral. This feared unit within the military were chosen on the basis of size and strength after which they went special adaptations to their brain chemistry which reduced any sense of conscience or empathy after which their plan centers were regulated to the point that their bodies were impervious to the torment of physical injury. Thus creating a unit of brutal shock troopers which followed orders relentlessly, did not slow down due to injru and fought tenaciously until their body itself gave out. (TNG novel: Unification)

These soldiers were simply refered to as being part of "Nerals security forces" which were presumably part of the Romulan Guard.

Awards given to members of the guard for exemplar service included the Sotarek Citation and the Praetor Colius Award. (TNG episode: "Face of the Enemy"; DS9 episode: "In the Pale Moonlight")

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In 2380, the Romulan Guard was divided between those forces loyal to the new Praetor, Tal'Aura, and those loyal to Commander Donatra, commanding officer of the IRW Valdore. The segments of the Imperial Fleet loyal to Donatra later captured Archernar Prime and several other farming worlds, providing the military of the newly-declared Imperial Romulan State. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation)


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