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Romulans: Schism is a three-part comic book miniseries published by IDW Publishing in 2009. The series, written and illustrated by John Byrne, was a sequel to Byrne's previous Romulan stories in Alien Spotlight: Romulans and Romulans: The Hollow Crown, continuing the story of the Klingon-Romulan alliance into a period of time beyond the original run of Star Trek: The Original Series into what would have been approximately season five of the series. The story depicts the break-up of the alliance from the point of view of the major players; the Romulans, Klingons and Federation. The series was printed in the omnibus book Romulans: Pawns of War, which also contained the preceeding Romulan stories, in February 2010.


Title/Number Issue 1 Issue 2 Issue 3
John Byrne
Published 16 September 2009 7 October 2009 4 November 2009
Schism 1A
Schism 2A
Schism 3A
Retail incentive virgin coverover
Schism 1
Schism 2
Schism 3


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