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Romulus was the adopted homeworld of the Romulans and capital planet of the Romulan Star Empire. The planet was also known as ch'Rihan (in the Rihannsu language) and 128 Trianguli III-A (in the astronomical notation of Earth). In yet another language, the planet was known as Rom'laas, and in another catalog system, Ket-cheleb III. Romulus was the third of ten planets, and its tidally-locked "sister world" was known as Remus. Together, Romulans and Remus were sometimes called the Hearthworlds. Remus and the planet Romulus had a "Trojan relationship" in the way they revolved around each other. The sun around which Romulus orbited is known as Eisn.

Romulus was a lush, humid world abundant with vegetation and large bodies of water, and was designated a Minshara class world. The planet had two moons, Pirek and Elvreng. (TOS novels: Rihannsu: The Bloodwing Voyages; Last Unicorn Games: The Way of D'era: The Romulan Star Empire; TNG video game: Echoes From the Past)

The third novel in the Vulcan's Soul trilogy, Epiphany, has a mention of the sister world of Remus possessing four moons.

The Klingon name for the planet, romuluS, is derived from the Federation Standard name. (tlhIngan Hol reference: Klingon for the Galactic Traveler)


The planet was noted as being rich in different kinds of organic life with a climate far better then what was present on Vulcan with abundant supplies of water with much larger seas. Varying types of habitations were also present from deserts to volcanic regions with firefalls. Though it was rich in organic life, its metal content was somewhat rarer with much of it being present deep within the planet, which was a contrast to the world's sister planet. (TOS - Vulcan's Soul novel: Exiles)

As such, it was seen as a resource poor world compared to its sister planet with Romulus lacking fossil fuels, hard metals and radioactives. (FASA RPG module: The Romulans)

Transporter beams were typically not used for interplanetary travel on the home world. (TNG novel: Dead Zone)

Explored Galaxy

Romulus on the explored galaxy map.

Romulus was noted on star charts of the galaxy's explored regions in the 23rd and 24th centuries, in an area of the projection also containing Remus, Ingraham B and the Romulan Neutral Zone. (TOS movie: The Undiscovered Country, TNG episodes: "Conspiracy", "The Measure of a Man", "The Emissary", "The Mind's Eye", "The Game", DS9 episodes: "In the Hands of the Prophets", "Cardassians")


Historians believe that Romulus and its sister world of Remus were in fact once a single large planetoid known as Romii. The biggest change that geologists have determined to have to Romii was five-point three billion years ago when another planetary body, which was at least sixty percent the size of Romii and in retrograde orbit, collided with the large planet. The impact stripped the outer crust from Romii and, in less then two hundred years, the ejecta had coalesced into a single body that would eventually cool to become the planet known as Romulus which would continue to spin with the force of that ancient catastrophic collision. (TOS novel: Captain's Blood)

It was named by the Vulcan Exiles after an ancient myth of twin godbrothers. Though another account says that the planet was named after the mythical home of the Vulcan god Ket-cheleb known as Rom'laas. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Way of D'era: The Romulan Star Empire)

Sometime in the 23rd or 24th century, Kor attacked the world. Also, at some point, Elim Garak served as a gardener on the planet. (ST website:

In 2376, this was listed as the host location of a current or past marathon. (New Worlds, New Civilizations short story: "The Footfalls of Tradition")

Romulus was completely destroyed when the Hobus star went nova in 2387. Prior to the destruction, Spock attempted to warn the Romulan Senate that the supernova posed a threat to both the planet and the entire Romulan Star Empire, but was rebuffed. However, a few weeks later, the Romulan Senate observed that the Hobus star was increasing in mass and was growing more unstable which led to them concluding that Spock was correct. A scientist predicted that it would take a few weeks at most for the shockwave to reach Romulus once the star went Nova. The praetor, proclaimed he would put the matter up for vote in the Senate, then gave the order to begin evacuation protocols for Romulus. It was not known how many people escaped the destruction, only that the praetor was among those who did, promising that the empire would survive, and that he would find his people a new home. (TNG comic: "Star Trek: Countdown", TNG website: The Path to 2409)

In the "anti-time" future to which Q helped Jean-Luc Picard travel, the year 2396 saw an outbreak of Tarellian plague on Romulus. (TNG episode: "All Good Things...")



Romulus surface map.

Romulus LUG

Romulus surface map.

Romulus FASA

Romulus surface map.

Romulus maps

Romulus surface map.

Romulus charts

Romulus surface map.

Bodies of waterEdit

Apnex SeaBalsanra RiverBareldak BayD'Gansar RiverDorvek RiverGarenah Sea/Garenak SeaGend'eroth RiverHaverelar SeaH'relgath RiverJendraax Strait/Jendranax StraitSea of LerodanNelrek OceanNorth Mendlanar SeaSherdak Sea/Sherelak SeaSouth Mendlanar SeaTai'eld RiverTerelex Straits/Terelix StraitsThal'Tharin RiverTor'ren RiverSea of VrekessWhite Sea

Continents (and Provinces)Edit

Geographic FeaturesEdit

Cities and SettlementsEdit

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Moons and SatellitesEdit

Whilst LUG states that Romulus has two moons, the Vulcan's Soul book Epiphany states that it has in fact four though they are not named.

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