For the primary universe counterpart, see Rota Sevrin.

In the mirror universe, Doctor Rota Sevrin was a 23rd century individual of Tiburon descent who was a scientist and research engineer of note in the Terran Empire.

Sevrin was noted for his work in the use of technology to maximize the value of conquered worlds to the Empire. In the 2260s, at the height of his scientific career, he was appointed science minister in the cabinet of Emperor John Gill. Throughout his tenure, Sevrin revolutionized the ways that subjugated worlds could be completely stripped of all resources through technology, affording him good standing with both his emperor and the Imperial Senate of the Terran Empire.

In appearance, it was noted that Sevrin bore a striking resemblance to another cabinet member, Melakon. Despite their facial similarities, it was easy to tell the men apart due to Melakon's Human-like Ekosian appearance and Sevrin's distinctive Tiburon ears and baldness. (Decipher RPG module: Through a Glass, Darkly)


Emperor John Gill's cabinet
Melakon (security minister) • Rota Sevrin (science minister) • Tristan Adams (propaganda minister) • Raymond Stiles (genetic purity minister) • Harcourt Mudd (revenue minister) • Samuel Cogley (minister of vassal affairs) • Matthew Decker (war minister) TerranEmpire

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