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For other uses, see Rules of Engagement.


Sudden revolution on the planet Dekkanar brings Captain Kirk and the Enterprise running to evacuate Federation personnel trapped there. But their orders from Starfleet are quite clear: the Enterprise is to assist in the evacuation, no more. No weapons are to be displayed, no shields raised, no shots fired.

Meanwhile, halfway across the galaxy, an experimental Klingon warship sets forth on a mission of its own, a warship with hidden - and therefore undreamed of - capabilities, commanded by a warrior who will stop at nothing to bring glory to the Empire - and restore his own lost honor.

The Klingon ship's destination? The planet Dekkanar...




AktazArthagAskelAthendePavel ChekovClaymareNicholas FareyJerry FreemanTodd JohnsonKattaKhalenKhitarKorzhan epetai KenekKasak sutai KhornezhJames T. KirkKrynnMahaseMakhoyMaragColin MatlockLeonard McCoyNarahtGytha NorthSpockMontgomery ScottLarry StewartHikaru SuluHarb TanzerIngrit TomsonNyota UhuraVarn
Referenced only 
AyelborneKolothKorKothM'BengaRandolph H. MorrowNhomaNoguraV'Ger

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS EnterpriseIKV Hakkarl (KL-1017) (K't'inga-class) • USS Sir RichardIKS Tarkan (K't'inga-class) • IKS Tazhat (KL-1018) (B'rel-class) • USS Vanguard
Referenced only 
USS Ivan GroznyyUSS MinskUSS NelsonUSS Potemkin (Constitution-class) • USS Sakharov


4725 CancriDekkanarKlingon Neutral Zonesector 3-39Starbase 12
Referenced only 
Donatu Vmirror universeSherman's PlanetDeep Space Station K-7

Races and culturesEdit

Referenced only 

States and organizationsEdit

Klingon EmpireStarfleet CommandUnited Federation of Planets

Other referencesEdit

admiralastrographyBattlecruiser VengeanceBlack Fleetblood pressurecaptainchesschief medical officerchief of recreationChief of Staff (Operations)Chief of Starfleet Operationscloaking devicecoffeecolonelcommunicatorCossackdiplomatic protection groupdoctorThe Final ReflectionGeneral Order 12heartkhest'nklin zhalieutenantM-5midshipmanOrganian Peace Treatypersonal logphaserphoton torpedopokerpopcornrecreation deckRomulan aleshore leavesickbayTlhinganaasetribbletunicvoderzan



The stardate is given as 2213.5; however, since this would put the story during Kirk's first five year mission, the Pocket Books Timeline adjusts it to 7818.1.



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