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Ryek'ekbalabiozan'voslu was a D'Naali who lived in the 24th century.

In the year 2376, Ryek'ekbalabiozan'voslu was encountered by the crew of the USS Defiant and briefly assisted them as a guide around system GQ-12475 in the Gamma Quadrant. Sam Bowers gave Ryek'ekbalabiozan'voslu the nickname "Sacagawea" in honor of Sacagawea from the Lewis and Clark expedition in ancient North America.

After Julian Bashir, Ezri Dax and Nog were all affected by a multidimensional structure that Ryek'ekbalabiozan'voslu called Enti Leyza (translated as both cathedral and anathema), the D'Naali was able to help the crew to find a solution to return the four to normal. The relationship between the crew of the Defiant and the D'Naali soured when the D'Naali demanded the crew provide them with transporter techology. After Elias Vaughn refused, Ryek'ekbalabiozan'voslu was transported off the Defiant. (DS9 - Mission Gamma novel: Cathedral)

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