Rym Thijmen was a male individual living in the Gamma Quadrant in the 24th century, and was a rival captain of Zin Dezavrim and the Even Odds crew. Thijmen ran an aggressive retrieval crew, and snatched away a number of jobs from the Even Odds in the past.

In 2376, Thijmen and his crew were able to reach abandoned Dominion outposts before the Even Odds and loot them. Dezavrim heard that Thijmen was looking to buy a cloak ship, and when the Even Odds reached the Idran system and noticed a subspace variance, he assumed it was Thijmen who possibly heard about the Tosk's experience on Idran IV and wanted to obtain Eav'oq vanishing crystals. In reality, it was a group of Hunters looking for the Tosk. (DS9 novel: Rising Son)

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