Rynar, son of Kor was a male Klingon born in the 23rd century. He was the first born son of the famed Klingon warrior and diplomat Kor, and was named after his paternal grandfather.

Rynar died in 2295 from a genetic disease inflicted on him by the Albino, who had also murdered DaqS, son of Kang, and the eldest child of Koloth. As a result, Kor, Kang, Koloth and Federation diplomat Curzon Dax swore a blood oath to hunt down and kill the Albino. Many years later the three Klingons and Jadzia Dax succeeded in hunting down the Albino, with Kang delivering the death blow. (TLE novel: Excelsior: Forged in Fire; DS9 episode: "Blood Oath")