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S'anra was a Romulan female in the 23rd century. A diplomat, in 2267 she served as an attache to Senator D'Tran on Nimbus III. There she entered into a relationship with the human diplomatic attache of Ambassador Jetanien, Sergio Moreno. When the riots erupted after months of settlement on the planet, rioters attacked and seem to destroy the Romulan embassy, and Senator D'Tran feared that S'anra and his staff had all perished. Shortly thereafter D'Tran was murdered by a rioter and it seemed that the Romulan embassy was all dead. (VAN novel: What Judgments Come)

However S'anra survived the attack on the embassy, and was promoted to Ambassador. She would continue to see Moreno, in part because she enjoyed the relationship, and in part because it allowed her to suggest to others that she was compromising Jetanien's embassy (although she later admitted to the Chelon that Moreno had never come near to doing anything illicit). As an important figure in Romulan diplomatic efforts, S'anra was aware of the ongoing efforts by the Tal Shiar to replace the Klingon Chancellor, Sturka, with Councillor Duras. Duras was a secret partisan for further Romulan hegemony on Qo'nos. During a meal, she was outplayed by Jetanien, revealing to him the secret bureau's ambitions. He commiserated her, whom he realised would grow into a skillful politician, with more wine. S'anra's admission, whilst not proof, allowed Jetanien's to inform his Klingon ally, Ambassador Lugok, of the plot. This enabled Gorkon, Duras' rival and Lugok's patron, to begin his demolition of the councillor's political standing and end the Tal Shiar plot. (VAN novel: Storming Heaven)

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